Nature in your interior

25 years ago, Bleu Nature launched a very natural decorative trend with Driftwood objects and furniture.
Erosion, passage of time , randomness, subliming defects, the perfection of the imperfection, the contrast between noble, raw and processed materials.All those concepts guided the creativity of Bleu Nature Designers.

Today, the famous brand operates a real metamorphosis in Design.
Don’t look any further for driftwood but discover our ultra-comfortable and generous collection of home furniture and accessories for dining room and living room.


Design nature

Forms and functions are constantly being reinvented by the Bleu Nature design department. The designers imbue the driftwood and nature inspired designs with their expertise and creativity.

With the expert combination of craftsmanship and industrial design, Bleu Nature creates furniture and lighting with powerful emotional draw. The style and high quality finish propel the collections into a luxury universe.

The passing of time and its effect on materials, along with respect for natural patinas, are generous muses that have been guiding and inspiring Bleu Nature’s designs for 20 years now.


Since 1995, Bleu Nature has been pursuing design inspired by the passage of time on raw materials, by the exquisite, unadorned beauty of erosion and natural patinas. Bleu Nature’s furniture and accessories are the perception of the elegance of a curve of marble or untreated oak, of the sensuousness of a patina hide or natural linen, of the soft-ness of a 100% down-feather padding or seating, of the pure harmony of noble materials…
Discover these realms of interior design, where nature, materials, comfort and generosity reign supreme.