COBBLEWOOD Sofa 2 and 3 seaters

Raw oak, leather or fabric seat / 12 available finishes
2 seaters L156 P78 H70 HA49 cm – ref. F285 (2S)
L61 W31 H28 SH19 inches
3 seaters L216 P78 H70 HA49 cm – ref. F285 (3S)
L85 W31 H28 SH19 inches
Fabric finishes only in double stitch
and leather finishes only in reverse stitch

Buy on
  • Brown velvet
  • Cheyenne
  • Chinook chocolate
  • Cream velvet
  • Dark green wool
  • Kaki tweed
  • Linen ecru
  • Linen green
  • Mohican
  • Pawnee charcoal
  • Pawnee tan
  • Pawnee tobacco

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Brown velvet, Cheyenne, Chinook chocolate, Cream velvet, Dark green wool, Kaki tweed, Linen ecru, Linen green, Mohican, Pawnee charcoal, Pawnee tan, Pawnee tobacco